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Hi,I am sorry about my profile information it seemed that I had to make an account then I could ask a question so i made my profile very quick I'm sorry plz don't mind and reject my question plz someone already did so plz help me on so here I tell you.          I Want to know if a Siberian husky can live in India hyderabad.It is very hot here.I actually used to live in Canada Vancouver BC but I shifted here in India hyderabad.Can this Siberian husky live in India hyderabad?I want to buy one I go to my house in Canada almost every summer so I will buy one in May in Canada then come back to India with the dog in a plane but I will get a ticket for it of course.I don't want it to die so Ya.I can't put air conditioners either but I can on the fan like almost every time and maybe I can on the AC sometimes like for five minutes a day or twenty minutes a day.So could u tell me if it can live in India hyderabad still being healthy.If it can't then could u tell me big dogs that can live in India India hyderabad.If u can tell me how it can live like if it can  live with a swimming pool a small one thought.Thanks could u tell me fast."

Hi Shruti,

Siberian Huskies are adaptable animals, but they wouldn't be the best choice for living in a hot tropical climate, mostly because of their requirement of a lot of daily exercise. They need a lot of heart-thumping aerobic exercise daily, and if it's too hot, it could be a problem.  A dog that doesn't receive the right level of exercise can develop some very undesirable behavioral issues, such as destructive chewing, barking or howling, self mutilation, or hyperactivity and excitability.

If you are absolutely set on getting a Husky, do not take the dog on long runs or walks during very hot days, especially if it's acting sluggish or lethargic. The best time to take any dog outside for a walk in a hot climate is during the coolest part of the day (early morning or after the sun has gone down). Most importantly, do not shave a Husky's coat. The Husky's undercoat controls its body temperature in both hot and cold weather. Shaving the coat will make your dog susceptible to sunburn and take away the ability to regulate its temperature.

While all dogs can live in hot climates with proper care and prevention, some breeds handle temperature extremes better than others. Your best bet for a dog in the climate you live in is a breed that does not require a lot of exercise.

You might want to adjust your desire for a Siberian Husky, and consider a different breed that is known to do well in the climate you live in. All dogs, no matter the breed could be the loving and devoted companion you're looking for. All dogs love and need their exercise, but not all dogs will go crazy (and make you crazy) if they don't get a lot of it. Some breeds that do very well in hot weather, that don't require as much exercise as a Husky are:

Great Dane
Canaan Dog
Pharaoh Hound (does well in the heat, but is high-energy and requires least 30 minutes of exercise a day)
Ibizan Hound
Rhodesian Ridgeback

You also might consider one of the native dogs from India, such as the Rajapalayam, Chippiparai or Indian Spitz.

I hope I've been a help.
Best of luck!


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