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Dogs/Catahoula has hairloss only near his tair and back


QUESTION: Hey, my Catahoula leopard dog is experiencing itching near his anus to the low part of his back and patches of hair falling off. I have asked my dogs veterinarian, but he said it will get better, well I am asking you because he always speaks positively and never negative.


ANSWER: Hi,  It sounds like your dog has fleas.   What are you using for flea medication?  Even if you can't see them, it sounds like he is getting bitten.   Go to and go to the link for one of the flea medicines.  The best for fleas is advantage, and comfortis.  If he isn't on heartworm preventative, you can also get other meds there that combine that with the flea meds.  Get some Benedryl to help calm down the itching as well, but it won't do anything unless you get rid of the fleas first.  Get Advantage  NOT  Advantix.  The Advantix doesn't work well.

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QUESTION: but his itching is only near his anus

you didn't tell me what you are using for a flea treatment, but that is where the fleas breed around the anus and tail.  There is a gland there that they feed off of.  The area around the tail is more vulnerable than the rest of the dog so they eat there and breed their babies there which are too small to see.


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