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Dogs/jumping on cars and chewing every thing


QUESTION: i have a 11 month golden mix puppy   he is a very sweet dog but.....he jumps on all our cars. and we have nice ones.i never see him do it but the marks are proof. and he chews everything drywall in garage picknick tables toys garbage diapers      I'm done and he needs to go  but    he's my 7 year old sons dog.?????????????? help!!!!!!!!! he's tied up now and just barks non stop

ANSWER: Sounds like he has an ash deficiency.  Put him on Eukanuba PUPPY food for about 6 months and the chewing will stop.  I always started my pups on that and I never had a chewing problem.  The two times I didn't the puppies chewed everying in the house.  The fact that he is going after sheet rock is the red flag here.  It has an ash content of some type and dogs that have ash definciency always go for it.  

The jumping on the car is something else.  Dogs don't come trained, you have to put some time into them.  If you put a little time (even five minutes) every day into training you will have an obedient happy dog and family. Even your son can be a part of this.  It sounds like you are not following through on his training.  The best way to start is when you feed him.  He has to sit before he is fed, etc.  Does he jump on people?  He needs to have a leash on him when people come in so you can step on it when he goes to jump (give a command).  If he is on top of the car, get a battery operated pad that vibrates and put it where you see the paw prints.  It vibrates when stepped on and usually does not feel good to the dog.  Does the dog ever jump on the car when you are around so you can tell him "NO".  Does he know the command "OFF".  An 11 month old dog is equivelant to about a five year old child, so that should help with where he is allowed to be and if he should be unsuppervised or not or at least in a dog-proof (child-proof) area.
Get a trainer if this too much, as it can be when you are busy.  It will be worth it in the long run and the rewards are tremendous including the fact that you probably won't need a burgler alarm when he reaches about three years old.
This is no where near what needs to be done.  There is work involved and remember you are trying to teach to something that doesn't understand English until you teach it to him.
Hope this helps a bit.  You won't regret hanging in there if you do it right.  I would suggest you get a trainer.  Research and find a reasonable one, almost any will do since you don't have an aggressive problem.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the info.  its kinda funny u think he has a ash deficiency. his name is ASH!!!    i try to b consistant . he will sit and stay and won't jump on people.thats the weird thing    and won't jump on the car  like when we get home. and i kennel him at night so its when he's unsupervised during the day. so now i tie him up all day unless we take him 4 a run. and he non stop barks tied up.   we live in the country so its not a real problem to any one but us. I'm afraid he will get mean being tied all day.   I'm going to try switching the food and puppy classes. thanks a lot!!!!

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