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I read your answer to a question back in 2009 about a prepuce infection, where you mentioned rinsing the prepuce with a hydrogen peroxide solution - what dilution would you use?


Hi Barb,

A mild case can be  treated yourself by gently flushing out the sheath twice daily with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. I've read of using either  undiluted or mixed with equal parts water. Your vet's office could better advise you as to which would be best for your dog. Do the treatment for a week to ten days.

Using a rubber human ear syringe to hold the peroxide mixture, insert its tip into the sheath opening, at the same time pulling the sheath gently toward the syringe. This will avoid the syringe tip touching the penis. Holding the sheath opening firmly around the syringe tip, slowly instill the peroxide until the prepuce distends slightly. Remove the syringe, keeping the prepuce opening closed, and gently massage the fluid back and forth within the sheath. Release the opening, let the fluid drain out, and carefully clean the surrounding area.

If you don't see improvement in the week to 10 days, it's time for a vet visit.

Best of luck,


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