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Dear Patti

Can we check and measure the Body Temperature in Pets viz dog, cat, Horse etc with a thermometer?.

Similar to Human Body Temperature exceeding 104 Fahrenheit which could be fatal, What will be the maximum Temperature which if exceeds could be fatal for pets?.



Hi Prashant,

Different species of pets have different body temperatures. You should use either a rectal or digital thermometer to check your pet's temperature. A temperature of 104° Fahrenheit for any pet should be treated as emergency.

For a cat, a temperature of 101.4° Fahrenheit (38.55° Celsius) is ideal, but a cat's temperature may also range from 100 to 102.5° F (39.16° Celsius) and still be considered normal. If your cat's temperature is below 99° F (37.22° Celsius) or above 104° F (40° Celsius) you should seek immediate medical attention. If your cat's temperature is approaching 103° F (39.44° Celsius) or over, and your cat is acting unwell, also seek veterinary attention.

For a dog, a normal temperature should be between 100 and 102.5° Fahrenheit (37.7 and 39.1° Celsius). Readings above 102.5° F would be considered elevated. Above 103° F (39.44° C, you should seek immediate medical attention,  this is especially important if there are other indicators of illness, such as lethargy or lack of interest in food. Temperatures below 100° F (37.77° C) are considered low.

For an adult horse, any body temperature at or below 101.5° Fahrenheit (38.611° Celsius) is considered normal. Readings above 101.5°, on the other hand, are cause for concern. Strenuous exercise can raise your horse’s body temperature by a few degrees, but that should return to normal within 90 minutes of finishing the exercise. If it remains elevated for longer than that, he may be dealing with an underlying illness.

Be sure to lubricate the thermometer with petroleum or other water-based lubricating jelly, such as KY Jelly, before inserting the thermometer into the animal's rectum. Be sure to only insert the thermometer approximately 2.54 cm (1 inch), and no deeper. Hold the thermometer at a 90 degree angle so it goes straight into your pet's rectum. Do not enter at any other angle as this will increase the likelihood of pain and discomfort. Hold the thermometer in place for approximately 2 minutes. A mercury thermometer may take a little longer to get an accurate reading. If you are using a digital thermometer, hold it until it indicates that it has finished reading the temperature. Most digital thermometers will beep when finished. Hold your pet firmly during this process. Clean off the thermometer. Use warm, soapy water or rubbing alcohol to rinse and wipe off the thermometer. ]Make sure that it is completely sanitized before storing it.

I hope I've been a help.
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