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I have a 10 year old male castrated Staffordshire Terrier and a 14 month old male Rottweiler. They have lived together for the past year, they play boisterously but blood has never been drawn and have not had any fights. The Rottweiler is the dominant dog at this point and this is accepted by the Staffie. I am growing increasingly concerned though, as dog trainers keep warning me that fighting will be inevitable, as the Rottie matures.

Is this definitely the case?
What is the best way to prevent this?
If they do get into a fight, how do i separate them?

As a note: treats are fed separately; food is fed in one large bowl, the Rottie eats first then allows the Staffie eat; they have separate bed areas but choose to sleep in one together; the only aggression shown by the Rottie is if the Staffie comes between him and me.

Hi Dee,
Yes, there will be fights unless you get complete control over them both.  Since your staffie isn't aggressive you must have been a strong (pack leader)  with him????  Anyway, you need to be so in the rottie's face, that he can't move unless you say it is ok.  This will reduce the ferocity of the fights.  Loud noises sometimes break up fights, and if that works, do it. I find hitting a cardboard box against something that makes a loud noise and also using the word "NO" breaks up some of the fights I have had.   However, I have recently found an excellent device that works.  Let me back track a bit.  Pepper spray is fabulous for breaking up an intense fight, but you can get it in your own eyes and it is painful.  Keep it on hand though, just in case.  The problem with it is it is hard to open and you want to break things up before they get too intense.  So I use OFF.  I spray it on their noses and mouths until they stop fighting.  It breaks them up immediately.  Don't get it in their eyes though.  Now most of the time,  they will break apart and come around the back of me and go at it again if they are mad, but I then spray again and yell "NO  NO"  or whatever word they are used to for a correction.  Since I have done that, I only have to show them the can now and they don't even start to fight.  I still have about one minor fight every couple of months, but I no longer have bloody wounds.
Start feeding them separately and always make them lay down before they get the bowl.  The first to lay down is the first to be fed.  Make sure they are at least ten feet apart when doing this.  Of course if they don't know the command that must be taught first.

Things will proceed as they are until the Rottie is closer to two years.  This is when things will change if they are going to do so.

hope this helps


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