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QUESTION: Hey Roger, just a few more questions to make sure I've got all this down before I begin. First, we always kind of had a "theory" that what may have been giving him the hives was from the city water. He actually even broke out once just from rinsing him in plain city water. HlWe never had this problem until we moved to the city but we really unsure if it was just a new allergy or the water. Is that a possibility being that it's treated and had high amounts of chlorine in it?? Sent it out for a water test once and never received any results. Also in our new house it is well water and we also have a water softner. He did not get a single hive when I bathed him with the oatmeal bath when we first moved in. Also, I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but when we go to switch his food should we do it gradually?? I'm almost positive yes but just want to double check. And lastly, do you think it would be ok to do the "rinse" Karen said to do after washing with the shampoo?? Along with treating his paws and ears?? At least to buy us sone more time. We will have to order the shampoo anyways if our nutritionist doesn't carry it. Thanks again and if there's anything I can do for you please don't hesitate to ask. I will be sure to keep you updated though :-)

ANSWER: Good morning Colleen,

Yes, I believe the treated water can react to his sensitive skin. That would make sense.

With your well water, softener and the Zymox shampoo, I would try it if it were me. But as we talked about, if you can start other treatment to give him an edge first, that would be the best.

If he has been eating mostly quality grain free dry with occasional raw or other foods, he should not have a problem going to just 96% or better canned foods. If it were me, I would try it to speed up the healing process. Worst case is that he has some digestive issues. But that should clear in a day or two. Just keep giving the enzymes and probiotics daily. That will help with the transition.

If you have very much dry food left, you can freeze it and possibly use it for part of his diet once he is clear from the yeast infection.

No dog, healthy or not should be on a dry or mostly dry food diet as this is very hard on internal organs. Dogs are meat eaters and require a high moisture content in their foods to nourish their internal organs.

Dogs on mostly dry will live in a mild state of dehydration. This really effects internal organs, the skin and coat and can lead to kidney failure as the kidneys have to work so hard to process the proteins from the dry foods without the moisture.

The raw food diet works especially well for dogs with yeast infections. This is because there are no carbs, just meat and veggies.

But since Tank has such a weakened immune system right now, I would not recommend it. I would wait until he is healthy then transition if you decide to. It is the best diet in the world for any dog. This is the way nature intended them to eat and thrive on.

The rinse I was referring to was my idea and not from Karen. It's one we were told of many years ago and have tried it on severe skin case dogs to help relieve some pain and itching.

And yes, you can do this right after shampooing. But if you can buy some time starting the other treatments and diet, I would tend to do that for a few days to help see if you can calm the sensitivity some.

What I was referring to Karen for was to see if she had a shampoo idea or other. But you may be getting a handle on things now anyway.

Ok, best of luck with this and yes, please keep me posted on progress and any other questions you have along the way.

And thanks for the kind words in your review, I appreciate that. It is our passion to help animals live better lives through knowledge of nutrition and supplements. The best thing you can do in return is tell everyone you know about a proper balanced diet and stop feeding the commercial crap foods.

Talk to you later,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

 Sorry for the time gap but we've had a pretty busy few weeks!!! Tank is doing exceptionally well!!! This is the FIRST time ever that his symptoms have cleared up this well without dropping  $100 at our vets!! Although we ended up having to spend $165 at the vets anyways because our cat got into a nasty fight with a stray that was running around here at out new house. He will be ok but has a nasty infection in the wound. But Tank has done a complete turn around!!! He spends his days napping and loving life instead of itching non stop!! I honestly don't know how to ever repay you!! We ended up not being able to get the exact dog food we wanted but I think this will be better in the long run anyways because it's what we eventually wanted him on anyways. Where we buy our food did not have the actual merrick or something similar that we were looking for and we were out of our old food and had to get him something. So for now we went to Nature's Variety Instinct limited lamb meal and Pea's and we are mixing it with balance bravo chicken dinner. As well as the probiotics and immune booster. So far he seems to be doing really well with them. Eventually we will cut out the dry food all together as we know that is what's causing majority of his issues. I know this isn't what we had talked about getting for him but our nutritionist had some concerns about the canned food being a balanced meal, and well we are not millionaire's, just a cook and a mechanic. Also I was wondering what you meant by therapeutic doses of the probiotics? Again we thank you SO SO much and wish there was more we could do to repay you. Take care and talk to you soon!!


Hey Colleen,

Good to hear from you and I'm so happy that Tank is improving. I'm grateful that you reached out and tried to find answers versus just relying on your vet as so many others do. You both are being rewarded for your efforts.

Sorry to hear about your cat thought, that's tough. We have several cats running around our property and we occasionally have issues.

Not sure what foods you have your cat(s) on but they do best by far on just meat. They just don't need grains or veggies. Especially raw if they would eat it. If not, do the grain free canned. No dry if you can help it. Cats are more of a desert type animal as they get their needed moisture from the foods they eat. They should be drinking very little water.

The Nature's Variety is a good brand of food that we sell in our store as well. They have good canned, dry, raw and dehydrated. Their ratio of 95% meat (including bone and organ meat) and 5% veggies in their raw food is a good blend for cats. Dogs do well on it as well but can do a little higher veggie count.

Your nutritionist is right about the canned not being totally balanced. What we like to do is limit ingredients in a dogs diet for a while then as they heal, slowly start working things back into the diet. I should have mentioned that but I'm used to having the customer continually come back into the store as we progress.

Many times we don't know what is triggering skin or other problems so we limit the diet to a very simple and very few ingredients to start with. So be careful adding too many ingredients until you are sure he is continually getting better without setbacks.

Once he is going strong, then variety is king. Switch up raw and canned foods (different proteins), add some of your own home cooking, add some good quality eggs to his diet, add some sardines in water and so on.

Not familiar with the Bravo brand but looking it up, it looks great, good job.

Some cases people have to keep switching foods until they find that magic mixture that works. Dogs are never supposed to be this sensitive to foods but that's how modern day commercial food manufacturers made them to be.

I understand the budget thing, believe me. We have four of our own dogs and two rescues/fosters in the house plus three cats running around, so feeding them a raw diet does add up. But they are all healthy, happy and strong so we are grateful for that. Many of our customers come into our store and tell us their dogs eat better than they do!

One thing to be on the lookout for in the future is local or regional raw food manufacturers. They will typically have fewer distribution cost and many times can save you money. We have a very local one and one that is regional that is less expensive than NV Instinct.

Typically we will mix a batch of raw (that has bone and organ meat and veggies mixed in) mixed with a two pound chub of tripe (added for the beneficial enzymes), a container of cottage cheese, a half dozen raw eggs and a couple cans of sardines. Mix this all up and then put it in smaller containers and keep in the fridge and feed this during the week.

We will add some of the My Perfect Pet now and then, some canned now and then, so home cooked occasionally so mixing it up is a good thing.

What I was referring to for the therapeutic doses of the probiotics, I would just double his dose for a while. Typical directions on bottles are for maintenance. But dogs that are fighting any type of bad bacteria could use a little more probiotics to help the fight. Once over the condition, then a maintenance dose is fine. But if you are feeding some raw into his diet now with the Bravo, you would probably be fine with just the maintenance dose as the raw will have natural probiotics.

Make really sure you are also giving him good digestive enzymes. Not sure if it's part of the "immune booster" you refer to but if it is, great. If not, make sure to add some.

We add probiotics and enzymes to each meal. Many will say that the raw foods already have natural enzymes in it. This is true but not that many digestive type enzymes.

The best digestive enzymes come from the pancreas, stomach lining and the digestive track of the prey animals that are eaten. But the modern day raw food manufacturers do not or cannot use these organs because they are not readily available for mass production. They use mostly muscle meat that does not have a lot of digestive enzymes in it.

It's so important as this is what helps break down foods small enough to enable nutrients to pass through the digestive track and into the blood stream to nourish his organs and his skin and coat.

You can add too much probiotics at some point as that will upset the digestive system but you can never add too many digestive enzymes.

Anyway, so glad to hear he is doing better. It's really good to see a dog that is not suffering so much any more.

I appreciate your thoughts and gratitude, the one best thing you could do to repay is to pass it forward. Just keep telling anyone you know that has pets about what you've learned and how it could benefit them. I bring up the conversation about pets many places I go. If others in that conversation have pets, then that opens a door to talk about nutrition and its role.

I just mentioned to my wife of your success in starting to get the yeast cleared up and she mentioned that if you are happy with the advice, you could possibly leave us a google review. We are not marketers so I forget this important aspect of business. But it does help local people in our area know that we have the information and products that could potentially help them out as it has for you.

If you are interested in doing this, our website is From there you will see a google and facebook "connect with us" buttons towards the bottom right. A honest review on google plus page or our facebook page would be very much appreciated.

I hope tings continue to go well, please keep me posted if you think about it. And of course, any other questions come up as you slowly get Tank back up to full health, be sure to just ask.



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