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Hi, I am the proud owner of a 2 year old (her names Lila, she's already big!) raw fed Bernese mountain dog. We recently had an incident with the other house pet, a speckled large 7" goldfish named Bubbles. Best explained here in a story.

So I had just taken the dog for an evening run and finished putting down her dinner time meal. I netted bubbles out of its fishbowl to transfer it as it cleaned its fishbowl. As I transferred the fish it wriggled out and splatted right into the dogs water bowl! Then, as i stepped/reached down to grab it, it looked like the dogs head already turned and she was doing her water gulping. Before I could move her out of the way it seemed Bubbles wasn't in the bowl or even inside my dogs mouth!

It has only been alittle while since Lila accidently swallowed the fish in that fast event! Is there anyway to save my dog of an upset stomach or even saving the poor fish by performing the heimlich manuevor somehow?? Will my dog be able to pass the fish entirely okay?? I would really think there could be a way to save the fish (or it would wriggle back up?) and she did just gulp half the water bowl along with it, so maybe the fish can survive for a bit to save it?! Thank you for the feedback

Well, dogs do not gulp water, they lap it up with their tongues, but when your fish hit the water, your dog undoubtedly turned its head and grabbed that fish up. Since the dog is used to being raw fed, it was probably quite easy for it to crush the fish in its jaws and quickly swallow it. I am sure the fish was dead before it was swallowed. Raw bones are digested fairly easily, as you must know since you feed raw, so I wouldn't worry about your dog's health.

Time to buy another fish.


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