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Hi I was wondering if you could help me. I seem to have had several pieces of conflicting information from friends regarding dogs nutrition. Is it okay to let dogs have animal bones?

Thank you I appreciate your guidance on this.

Hi Kristy,

Dogs have been eating RAW animal bones for as long as they have existed. When you think of nutrition for your dog, think about how they were designed to eat and thrive. You know, the way nature intended our dogs to eat and live.

If you look at what they would eat in the wild, or as their counterpart (wolves, coyotes, other dog related animals) eat, their main diet consist of eating other animals. That means raw foods, bones included. Those, along with cartilage, is how they receive their calcium.

Dogs were never meant to eat a cooked food diet. This is something humans started to give them for convenience. Now we see what that has done for their overall health.

If you cook animal bones, you cook the marrow out of the inside of it. This renders the bone hard, making it more brittle and subject to breaking off pieces and potentially cutting the inside of the dogs intestine.

Never feed cooked bones. If you give your dog a bone, the best by far is a raw bone with a little marrow inside it. Pressure cooked bones can be given as long as they are rendered soft.

Dogs will work on getting the marrow out of bones, thus cleaning their teeth somewhat and keeping them occupied.

If your dog is not used to eating raw bones, start slow. Give them something like a knuckle bone that has very little marrow for them to get at.

Too much marrow too fast can cause digestive issues like an upset tummy. So start slow and give them a bone for 15-20 minutes at a time.

You can then start them on shank type bones that have a lot of marrow in them. But again, always start slow and work up. The marrow inside bones is very nutritious.

Many dog bones are sold in stores that have been smoked. These are alright as long as you know what they've been smoked with and how they have been processed. Myself, I prefer to just use raw bones.

Try to find bones that have been from pastured raised cows, free from antibiotics and growth hormones. Of if you have wild game bones, that is fine as well. Many natural pet food stores will have pasture or wild game bones. You can also check with your local meat shop as they usually know the source of there dog bones.

Before we opened our store and received our own bones to sell to people, I used to just go to the grocery store and buy chicken wings, legs, backs, etc., and just throw them to our dogs. They just crunched them up. Our dogs were used to eating a raw food diet and they were large dogs. Chicken and turkey necks were often served as well. These are mostly cartilage and great teeth cleaners.

If you would like me to evaluate your dogs diet, I would be happy to do so. Feeding a proper and balanced diet will give your dog the best chance at living a long, happy and healthy life.

If you do want me to look at the diet, respond back to this question and let me know everything that is in your dogs diet and include the brand names so we can look at ingredients.

I hope this has helped, let me know if I can do anything more.



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