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Dogs/Maltese vomit and loss of appetite


My name is Nancy and I have 9 month old male Maltese Gizmo , he's been healthy till 4 days ago. I got home to fine him not himself, he only wanted to sit and lay next to me , usually he's active and curios all around house and yard,he went out and went potty as usual , then vomited twice only clear liquid with a bit of foam, had very little for dinner. Next morning went out and potty but no poop,and was very low energy and not wanting to play , eat, run or barley walk around , all he wants to to is have me hold him and rest , sleep. Took him to vet on 3rd day and exam shows nothing to be alarmed as of yet, he got and anti vomit injection and liquids to avoid dehydration , seems a bit chipper but still does not want to eat , anything at all, will only drink , help I don't know what to do to get him to eat .

Hi Nancy,

Usually when a dog is hurting from something, they tend not to eat much. The dog's digestive system takes a lot of energy to process foods. Dog's naturally will not eat much while trying to heal from something so all energy is focuses on healing. They will tend to be quite and not move much.

If he hurt something or ate something that bothered him, that can limit his desire to add more food. Since the vet check came out good, it's something that's not obvious and not easy to diagnose.

If he plays hard, he could have just hurt his tummy on something. If he ate something that he shouldn't have, that should pass as well.

Your vet can give you appetite stimulants if this continues. You may have to force the pill down him if he will not take it with any food. But he'll have to eat soon.

Hopefully whatever the issue was will resolve soon and things will get back to normal. Keep trying to introduce different foods to get him to eat. Get his favorite treat or some kind of good canned foods.

When he starts eating again, start slowly with a little so you don't overdue his digestive system.

Not sure what you are regularly feeding him but that is my specialty on this forum. If you want me to evaluate his diet, I will be happy to do so. Just respond back to this same question and tell me everything that is in his diet including the brand names.

The right diet makes a huge difference in the building blocks of his health. Doing the right thing now will create a long healthy life.

Let me know if I can do anything else.



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