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QUESTION: My husband and I have just adopted a senior dog from our local SPCA. (5 year old Beagle mix) We have had him only 2 days but he is not eating or drinking. When offered treats he shows no interest. Any thoughts or suggestions.

ANSWER: Hi Betty,
Has anyone done a health check on him?  Five years old is not a senior dog, specially a beagle whose life span can go to 15.  He could be older of course.  Two things would be my guess.
One.  a medical problem
Two.  depression.

Do you have any background on him?  If he has come from a loving home and lost his owner through death etc. it could be emotional, but even an emotional dog would drink.  I would certainly take him to the vet or bring him back for a check up.  That isn't normal at all.  Is he going to the bathroom?  Is it normal.  If he has a loose stool that can cause no eating and drinking.  Try some liverwurst.  If he eats that he might have come from a home where he was fed table food, which in spite of what the vets say is not all bad.  Many breeders of purebreds feed raw meat diets with added vegetables.  But that still doesn't explain the no drinking.  sorry I am rambling here, I am thinking out loud as I write to you.   
My gut is saying check up.  Good luck with him.  When this is straightened out he will be a blessing.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your replay Nancy. Buddy is eating now and drinking and seems to be ore alert.  The only background we have on him is that he was found as a stray.  We have learned that he may be part Walker hound as well as Beagle. He had been doing very well with going outside on lease to pee and poop. However in the last day or two he has been having inside accidents. I have to say the routine of taking him out on leash has not changed but the weather has been very rainy also. We live in a condo so he does not have a yard to run free in. Any thoughts or suggestions
Thanks Betty

Groan.   He doesn't like the rain.  He needs a bigger paycheck.  On nice days when he goes out do you give him a treat when he pees and poos?  if no, start to do so.  If you already do that it is good.  Now on rainy days up the treat to something he can't resist like liverwurst, cheese,  whatever you have found that he goes crazy over.  He only gets that treat when he pees and poos on rainy days outside.  Lots of dogs don't want to go in the rain, my own included.  Then they can't hold it during the day.  Make sure you bring him over to his "accident" and tell him "No potty" and bring him outside for "Good Potty"  If you name actions he will start to get a better understanding of what you want.  By the way, you don't have to catch an older dog in the act, only little pups, so you can let him know what he did after the fact.


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