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I'm from Bangladesh,last month i found a baby dog on street.It was alone & helpless so I adopted is a male dog aging about 2months.I named it Munchy.It was living in hostel with my friend, we used to feed it biscuits, plain water and waste chicken bones of hostel meal.For some problem I had to bring it home.The problem is,at home chicken bones are not available everyday,I gave it rice boiled water,bread, biscuits but it is not eating or drinking anything.I gave some curd water,Munchy drank it but it's not enough for him.I can understand it's hungry but I'm finding nothing to feed him.he isn't even touching water.
I really don't know what to's not popossible for us to bring meat, chicken everyday. I'm feeling helpless.please help me.

ANSWER: Hello,  It sounds like Munchy is sick.  If he hasn't had any shots to protect him from the diseases that affect puppies he may have one or more.  Or he could have a chicken bone stuck in his stomach or intestines.  Try and get some shots for him and if you can get some mineral oil give him 3 tablespoons to clean out his system.  You will need to take him to the vet.

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QUESTION: we have already vaccinated him.My place is new to him,is it a cause that he is not eating properly?last night he ate cake,two chicken leg bones and a little bit of water.
how much water consumption is normal for a 2month aged puppy?
And what should I feed him?

Hi,  Chicken bones are the worst thing to feed a puppy unless they are soft or broken up into very small pieces as they can break through the intestines and stomach.  Boil them on low for at least 36 hours to soften them up.  Feed the broth and the soft bones with some rice and vegetables this way you know he is getting water as well as food in him.
At least a couple of cups per day depending on how big he is.  You never mentioned how many pounds he is.  Do you have dog food there?  You don't have to give him a lot, but it does have vitamins and minerals in it.
He could be upset with new surroundings, but if he is used to you that should really not be an issue.


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