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swollen elbows
swollen elbows  
Hello sir. I am Roberts from INDIA. I have a 15 year old neutered dog. He's suffering from HYGROMA(swollen elbow). Both of his elbows get affected. I generally deal with horses and have applied clay poultice to horses which suffered from HYGROMA disease.

My Question is, can I apply clay poultice to my dog's elbow to reduce swelling and keep his elbows cool? Here is a snap shot of my dog's elbows side view.

Hi Roberts,

I've never dealt with a dog with Hygroma before. If your poultice works for your horse, I would assume it should be fine with your dog.

Watch what you are feeding, keep grains out of his diet as the grains will cause additional inflammation.

Give him turmeric as this is very helpful with swelling.

Here is a website that talks a little more about Hygroma. It may give you some other ideas.

Let me know if there is anything else.



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