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We're wondering if you are the same Karen Brittan who lived in south Minneapolis from whom we purchased a 4 month old female schnauzer about 22 years ago.  We have just lost a schnauzer that succeeded that 4 month old puppy (who was wonderful) and are looking to replace her.  If you're the same person, do you have suggestions whom we could call.

Peter and Nancy D'H

January 1994, and I lived in St. Louis Park<G>

There aren't too many good breeders around anymore in the Upper Midwest. Most have retired, died, or just aren't breeding anymore.

There is only one breeder I can recommend in MN. The following gals are all within driving distance of the Twin Cities; be sure and ask them for further referrals. The breeders whom I recommend are:

Sara Mathies, (Lakeview, MN) 952-239-1001, ;
Fiona Macken, (Fort Madison, IA) 515-770-8152, ;      
Dale Miller, (Barrington, IL) 847-639-6695, ;
Cyndy Buttke, (Wausau, WI) 715-359-0114, ;
Mary Paisley, (LaCrosse, WI) 608-788-4310, ;
Jan Taylor, (Bellevue, NE) 402-293-0499,

There is also rescue:


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I have taught obedience classes and have taught people how to groom for many years.

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