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Dogs/2yr old Great Dane peeing and pooing in house


It comes and goes but our 2yr old female, Lois has been peeing and pooing in the living room randomly. It seems to happen for a few weeks then stops for a month. We let her out during the night and leave the back door open for most of the day. We have two dogs 4yr old newfoundland(bryan) and herself. They play most of the day out back she will pee and poo out back then within the hour there is pee in the house? She mainly pees and poos in the same area. My husband wants to get rid of her as its an on going thing but we all love her so much(we as in our two girl(18month old/6yr old) and both of us(myself and husband)). What can we do?? I've had her to the vent did urine test nothing out of the ordinary? Thank you for your time!

It sounds to me like she doesn't understand that the whole house is her den.  That is how they think when they start to housebreak; "Keep my den clean, I can go anywhere outside of my den area".  I would confine her to one room that she normally keeps clean or get an expen when you aren't there to watch her.   

When you are there put a leash on her and attach it to your belt so she is under control at all times.  Take her out at certain times and when she goes to the bathroom give her a treat..and say "good potty"  or some other word you use.

If she goes in the house, bring her over to it and tell her in an angry tone "Bad Potty" and bring her outside saying "potty outside"  Sound really angry.
You are really going back to potty training, but it should go faster this time.  Do not let her in any room without supervision (except the confined, or den room) unless you are there to supervise.  A dog must be house broken in each room until they learn the whole house is their den.  I know this is a pain, but once she understands what you want, she will probably be fine Danes are very smart.


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