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I have a rottweiller with a flea allergy and i would like to know the best product to treat this, preferably one i can buy online. Thank you.

Hi Laura,

Depending on the severity of the flea problem should determine how you treat it.

A couple of fleas here and there and on bedding, you can treat with a natural product like Sentry Natural Defense. You can get that online or in natural pet food stores. Here's an online store that sells it:

Another natural product that you can get online or in some local health stores is Diatomaceous Earth. A very fine powder that you sprinkle on him and rub in. You can get a food grade version that is safe for him to eat if he gets it in his mouth. The fleas walk through this fine powder that's on his skin and it sticks to them. They get dehydrated and die off.

If there are a lot of fleas, most natural products have a harder time keeping up. A good product that is safe from vets is Comfortis. There maybe a couple place you can order off the internet, I've never tried them.

Either way you need to combat fleas on all levels to be rid of them. While treating the dog, wash all bedding and clean any carpet areas that he travel on. You can use common boraxo for carpet areas. Just sprinkle it on and cover with a sheet so he does not walk through it. Wait for 24 hours then vacuum well. The boraxo will kill the fleas in carpet.

There are also other flea products to treat bedding and carpet. They are just a little more expensive. But you need to be very thorough in cleaning on daily basis. Fleas are tough to get rid of for good. You have to be very diligent with it.

The diet is very important as well. Keeping your dog on a healthy diet will keep odors down that attract fleas.

High moisture diet with very little dry foods and supplementing with enzymes, probiotics and fish oils are very important and help with the immune system that helps to keep allergies from happening.

This is my specialty on this forum so if you would like more information on his diet and supplements, please feel free to respond back with questions.

If you do, let me know everything that is in his diet right now, including treats. Let me know brand names so I can review ingredients.

A balanced diet will enable him to obtain his best immune system and that allows him to fight off allergies on his own.

Good luck and let me know if I can help any further.



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