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My son has a 4 yr old male German Shepherd. We've had him since birth and he is an outside dog. My son is going to college soon and we can't keep the dog. Someone is interested in buying him. He will have 7 acres on which to run and they plan on breeding him too. My son is hesitant, because our dog is not used to having other dogs around. He also says when the dog was once treated for mange, the vet said it was common, but might be passed on through breeding. If it's common, I'm sure a lot of dogs that had mange breed. I think the dog can adapt to other dogs and will be happier than he was with us. While we have a big yard, we didn't spend near enough time with him. I would appreciate your thoughts on our dilemma. Thanks for your time.

Hi,  Tell you son to tell the people that the dog will have to be introduced slowly to new dogs since he is not used to other animals.  Plus German Shepherds may fight with other males if not taught not to do so, but they can be taught or they can be kept somewhat separated.  As far as the mange is concerned, the jury is still out, but my personal opinion is that it is not so much that it is passed on as that a weakness for the possibility of it is passed on.  It is a mite that causes all the problems.  Let the new people know that the dog had mange, they may not want him because of that.   If these people are aware of these things and pay for the dog, surely they will be careful with him, however they may put him into a small run and use him just for breeding he may never see the seven acres.  your son may have the right of it.  How many dogs do they have?  Are they a puppy farm?  Lots of questions to ask.


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