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I'm from Ethiopia and my dog is a local breed. I've had for a year and a half and have recently brought a female dog. she has stayed with us for 9 months. She has reaches her cycle rest entry and has been menstruating.   Yesterday he tried to bit me when I touched him twice but then he acted like as he always does. I left him chained since I didn't know what was wrong. Could this be because of the mating season because he keeps on hauling and making sounds when she's not around? should I have him neutrated cause he's powerful and aggressive.
Thank you!!

Males can go quite "crazy" when a bitch comes in season, particularly if they cannot get to the bitch. Was this what happened with your male? Who knows.... Neutering a male does indeed tone down his hormones in many ways and it may, or may not, help with his biting. It on depends on WHY he bit you. If your boy is very dominant, he may just be telling you where to go and how fast to get there. In my opinion, any dog that bites **for any reason** should not be bred, so should be neutered.

I don't usually neuter my males, but a few years ago I had a male who did a lot of fighting with the other males here, and I decided to have him neutered. That was the end of his fighting and things calmed down a lot here afterwards.  

The howling and other noises your boy is doing could be because of the bitch being in season, or it could be because he is suddenly tied up (if this is something he is not used to). You will find that spaying your bitch will be very helpful, too, unless you have plans to breed her. Her "wonderful aroma" will bring other intact males in from all around, and some of them may do a bit of fighting with each other.


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