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Dogs/post op multiple dental extractions


Hi Patti... I've read some of your answers. My dog Finnie (11 yrs) mixed terrier, heavy on the mix !!! had 14 teeth extracted on 07/28/16. I had to take him back to receive pain injections as he was not eating anything and could not get pills in him. Even bought pill interest. I haven't tried the baby food yet but have pureed his food and added ground cooked hamburger. Still no interest. I hesitate to bring him back before two week ck up. Money shouldn't be an issue when it comes to your pets but I have already laid out 1500.00. Sounds elderly but I'm on SS and it's just out of my budget for another expensive visit for now if I can resolve this otherwise. Can you advise anything. Wednesday will be a week since his last meal. He is otherwise alert, no interest in playing with his "babies" yet but he has no teeth left on the right side of his mouth. He was dx'd with CUPS disease thus the drastic extractions. I would appreciate any advice you could pass along. Thanks in advance.... Annie


Hi Annie,

I'm sorry to hear that your dog isn't feeling well.

At this point, if Finnie was my dog, I'd try to hand feed him with ANYTHING he usually likes, just to get some food into him. Some things dogs usually find particularly tempting are: scrambled eggs, rice pudding, meat baby food, some peanut butter, low-fat cottage cheese or sprinkle his meal with dried Parmesan cheese, or even a little canned cat food!

If your dog hasn't been eating properly for a few days, his blood sugar levels can drop and this can cause him to feel even less hungry. You might try smearing about a teaspoon or two of honey or Karo syrup on Finnie's tongue. This will help raise his blood sugar, which could help him feel a little better, and make want to eat. Wait about 15 minutes after giving the honey, then offer him something that's been warmed (it makes the food smell more appealing).

There are also a couple of products that boost appetite and give extra calories for dogs who are recovering and won't eat. Look for Tomlyn's Nutri-Cal, NaturVet Adult-Cal Nutritional Dog Gel, GNC Ultra Mega High Calorie Dog Gel, or Nutri Stat.

If after raising his blood sugar with the honey he still won't eat, I'd thin down a little canned dog food, and "force feed" him. Prepare some food that you think your dog might swallow or put some food through a food processor. You can add water so it's the consistency of thin oatmeal. Place the food inside your dog's cheek, next to his teeth, he will swallow at his own pace. His head should be in a neutral position. Gently stroke his throat to encourage him to swallow. Do not force feed with your dog's head tilted up and remember to insert a small amount, let him swallow that before you insert more. Take your time, go slow. Getting a little food into him 3 or 4 times a day will make you both feel better!

As far as the pill pockets go, I make my own. Provided the pill isn't too big, you can use a little soft bread to encase the pill (don't make it too large). If the pill is big, break it in half, and make two bread pill cases.  Spread a little peanut butter on the bread pill case. My dog just eats it, without even chewing.

I realize vet can can be expensive, but if you can't get your dog to eat, and you can't get some food into him with the "forced feeding", then you'll need to speak with your vet. There are some medications which can help with appetite.

I hope I've been a help!
Best of luck,



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