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I am looking into the idea of getting two puppies at the same time.  I would like to get two females.
Some people I have talked to say it is not recommend.  I am looking into the Golden Retriever breed.

Please tell me with your opinion if it is a good idea or not recommend or if so what are the pro and cons about it?

Is there a certain age for the two dogs that you recommend getting at what is the best age for them to be if I wanted to get two?  
Do you space them out by a certain amount of months?

Please let me know.

Thank you.


Hi Kent,

Congratulations on deciding to get puppies!

Most experts agree, the best age to bring a puppy home is between 8 and 12 weeks of age. Puppies learn important lessons from their mom and litter-mates, if taken away from the litter too early, the puppy may have behavioral issue, and be harder to train. If you'll be getting your puppies from a breeder, you probably will be able to pick out the one you'd like earlier than 8 weeks of age.

Getting two puppies at the same time is not a good idea. Puppies won't keep each other company, rather you'll have two babies that need your constant attention and supervision.  It's difficult enough to raise one pup and give it the socialization that it needs. With two puppies, it almost always ends up with them getting about half of the amount of time they need to be properly socialized. When puppies are raised together,  they become"Doggy". This means they look at the other dog as their buddy and not the human that owns it. Dogs that are raised to run together often don't develop the kind of human bond that they would have had if they had been raised in a one dog family. Because the puppies are less likely to have have the strong human bond, they don't have the desire to engage their owners as much as those raised alone.

After a puppy is house trained and knows some basic obedience- at around 5 or 6 months, is a good time to bring home a second puppy. Your first puppy will still be enough of a puppy and enjoy the active play, but won't need the highly focused attention and training that the second puppy will require.

Read more about getting two puppies at once, here:

If you decide to get two puppies at the same time anyway, there are things to do which can help them to bond to you, and not to each other. You must do the following:

Feed them separately
Crate them separately
Train them separately
Walk them separately
Play with them separately (as often as they play with each other)

Multiple puppies are twice as hard to house break. The more active the puppies are, the more potty breaks they will need. The bottom line is: raise each dog separately and slowly, and you will have well trained dogs.

Please feel free to write back if I can be of further help.
Best of luck!



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