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QUESTION: - What dog is good for children?

- What are better for children? Pitbull or maltese?

- Large sdogs or small dogs?

- Is more good buy or adopt a dog?

- Is better a purebred or a mixed breed?

ANSWER: - What dog is good for children?

Generally, it would be a dog who has been raised around children.

- What are better for children? Pitbull or maltese?

Maltese might be too small for children, particularly younger children. I've heard too many horrible stories about pitbulls; I wouldn't trust them whatsoever. However, as in any dog, it all depends on the dog's breeding, and the training it has had.  

- Large dogs or small dogs?

Medium to large dogs would probably be the best size around children.

- Is more good buy or adopt a dog?

Some people would prefer to "save" a dog, and that would definitely be cheaper than buying a purebred dog. However, purebred dog breeds have been bred for so very long, and in the hands of a good breeder, have personalities and traits that are easier to predict than the unknown rescue.

- Is better a purebred or a mixed breed?

See my response directly above this question. Both purebred or mixed breeds can be great dogs, but purebreds have been bred for certain things and one can expect certain behaviors from them. Miniature schnauzers, my breed, were bred to be ratters and watchdogs.... so some might have a tendency to chase/attack/kill small animals (squirrels/rodents,etc.), and if they can see, hear, or smell something they cannot immediately identify, they will probably bark at it. They can also be very good with children if raised with them, and I love the intelligence of the breed.

In my country, one breed that is usually good with children is Golden Retrievers..... a large breed that usually loves to retrieve and seems to always have a wagging tail.  

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QUESTION: My dog loves chicken, what recipe You can do? My dog is a female 2 years old maltese, she weight 6 lbs (3 kg) and is tall 9 inches, (25 cm). But my dog, beause is a maltese, have tears, what recipe is good for her?"

I am not an expert in feeding raw food to dogs. I feed mine kibble, Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice, and all my dogs, including two who are 13-years-old are doing excellently on it. The old ones are like youngsters again.

Try this link to read reviews of various dog foods:

If you are on Facebook, there are also groups there that specialize in feeding raw food diets. Just do a Facebook search.  


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