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Dogs/Sores and hair loss on my puggle's nose


I was using the gentle leader head collar on my 1 yr old puggle for the last two weeks and I recently noticed sore spots and hair loss on his nose. I have always kept a loose leash as the instructions specify but I think the sore and raw spots developed from my puggle's constant scratching at his nose trying to get the nose loop off. He also constantly rolled around on the grass and pavement in protest of the nose loop.

Now I have a few questions: 1) Is there anything I can use to relieve my puggle nose sores and promote hair regrowth? 2) How long should it take for hair to regrow? (I already see some very small hair follicles starting to bud) 3) Any lease training recommendations that will not cause hair loss?

Hello..My jack russell terrier was the same thing with head collars so I just got him a harrness he still pulls but he doesnt choke himself with a collar. you can use a collar or harrness and the hair will grow back but if you keep putting the head colar on it wont as the new hairs would be rubbed off each time its put back on. I am sorry I can not help with the other question I am not the best to ask about leash manners.


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