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basset owner/breeder wrote at 2008-04-29 03:37:38
That is ridiculous. You are not abusing your dog by putting him outside or putting him in a room. And you don't ignore bad behavior. Whoever wrote that obviously doesnt have kids. At least not well behaved kids anyway. I do however agree the dog needs training. He needs to know you are the boss. Right now he thinks he is. And whoever answered you needs to learn they are not helping peopl or the animal by being insulting to the owners. You obviously want to do the best for your dog and your family of you wouldn't be asking for help. If they can't help you without being nasty and insulting then they need to find a different job! Go to any pet store and they can probably tell you where dog training classes are in your area. Or get a book and train him yourself. It will take time and patience, bassets are very stubborn as you well know. Hope this helped. :)

lgcottontail wrote at 2009-08-17 19:17:38
Sorry, I don't agree with Diane at all.  We have a Basset and have the same problem.  After three vets and surgery, we get the same answer.  He thinks he is the leader of the pack. Can't move him off of couch without him trying to bite, can't lift into car, if he doesn't want to do it, he's not going to.  All THREE vets told us to put him in time out when he does this.  Away from people and other dogs.  They do respond to this and you are NOT to ignore bad behavior.  I'm going to go with the Vet's advice..

connie wrote at 2013-03-13 05:26:43
You don't KICK a dog outside or put it in a room by itself for behaving badly.  How the heck do they know what they have done?  All your doing is taking a dog that is usually sweet and turning it into a mean dog.  My bassets are stubborn and sometimes they just don't want to listen: it can be very frustrating for me!  I just have to take a deep breath, remember how much I love them, look deeply into those big brown eyes and keep talking to them about how and why I am the boss and we do things my way.  I usually bore them into seeing things my way.  Sometimes, I bribe with cookies.  I do notice my guys sound like they are growling when the are doing something they don't want to but it is more like back talk.  


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