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Dogs/Crated dog tearing up her beds.


Jo wrote at 2015-01-03 18:02:27
But of course it's correctable! I'm having the same problems with my pup, but the problem only resurfaces when we're doing 1-hr walks instead of 3-hour walks, and when I forget to put a bone in her crate (on top of her being in there without exercise). I'm frustrated about it, and trying to find out what MORE I should be doing (because really, a one-hour daily walk should be enough for her to not be SO destructive, right?), but to come on here and read that someone answered you by saying it's not correctable is nonsense. Just find what works for your pup. And remember that as dog lovers and dog owners, our worst nightmare from Hades itself is pent-up energy and boredom.


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