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sunnycharacter wrote at 2007-01-04 18:10:20
I came home the other night to my moping, slow-moving 12-year-old min pin. Unusual for Princess, she didn't bark, ask for treats and we couldn't touch her, ears pinned back. Next day, wouldn't eat, acted delicate. I remembered seeing a dried starfish in the middle of our sunroom day before. Strange but made no connection. Day after she started acting weird, heard a rustling in the bowl of seashells/starfish on the floor, she was licking a starfish! I Googled "dog ate a starfish" and sure enough, dogs love them, to their demise! I made sure she had plenty of water, made her scrambled eggs and gave her small helpings of soft food for a few days. She's back to herself but it sure had us worried. Now all our dried beach creatures are out of her reach!

Nicole wrote at 2008-12-07 05:51:27
My daushund ate a dried starfish from the beach as well.  It happened today and he has vomited 3 times so far.  I was worried and googled it to find out if we should go to the vet.  I thought my dog was goofy to eat a starfish but now I know he's not the only one.  Something about the starfish must make the dog think it is food.  My dog never tries to eat or chew anything other than food. Thanks for asking about this.

Kate wrote at 2008-12-21 01:03:19
My small dog ate half a dried starfish this evening.

The emergency vet took it very seriously because starfish can be toxic, depending on what part of the world they come from.  In this case, we didn't know.  The treatment would be to induce vomiting and watch for neurological problems such as lethargy, stupor, or seizures.

Heather wrote at 2010-01-10 15:49:30
My 8-year old yellow lab ate several (4 strings of 3 dried starfish) Christmas ornaments off the tree this year. He's fine (thank heavens there were no hooks on these ornaments). We think it was the attractive smell and that it is bone that attracted him. We only have two strings left, and they will go up very high on the tree next year out of reach.

listentome wrote at 2010-04-03 21:42:57
'put them higher up'?? eh?? PUT THEM IN THE BIN!! Who wants dead sea creatures on their Christmas tree anyway especially as they will make a dog sick, why risk it?. OMG get a life!!

softball hottie 4575 wrote at 2010-09-07 21:54:36
my dog oscar goes crazy over a starfish that i bought home from the beach but my other dog sandy is not like tht soo i wonder what it is that makes go crazy. i mean he sits there n cries 4 hours i mean no joke its rediculas. so if anyone has a answer please reply.

katy wrote at 2012-09-23 23:45:58
My italian greyhound has been obsessed with a starfish I bought from a craft store, they are apparently real dried starfish. If you set them in the sun you will be able to understand the dog obsession as they smell fishy. Since dogs have a keen sense of smell they pick it up without having to enhance it in the heat. The other big pull I can gather is dried starfish have a texture similar to rawhide or bones. I am going to have to toss the decoration since she can't shake the obessesion.  

kat wrote at 2015-08-10 02:08:42
Well add a Siberian Husky to the mix. My daughter brought home a basket full of shell which included a pink star fish. We put it on the table only to find she had torn open the plastic, removed the star fish specifically, and proceeded to have eaten it. The other shells were left alone. No wonder when I look at her the song from Birdman goes through my head "Crazy!"

Fitnpeaceful wrote at 2016-06-07 14:29:57
My Lhasa Apso, about 12 years old, just chewed off the ends of a small starfish and I panicked when I realized what he was eating!  It's been about 45 minutes now and I fed him a few tablespoons of warmed white rice along with a half tablet of Sucralfate given to me by the animal hospital in the past for stomach problems and vomiting.  The medication acts as an acid buffer in the stomach.  He seems to be fine so far!  White rice always seems to help with stomach problems because it is easy on the digestive system.  


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