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Ursa's mom wrote at 2010-02-20 19:51:08
My 12 month old husky mix has been having pretty bad gas and loose stools for about a week. Yesterday morning she vomited the previous night's meal and hasn't eaten since but otherwise seems healthy. I changed dog food about a week ago (gradually), and thought the new food was causing the problem. Today, after reading about pyracantha berries, I've realized that it's the berries. We have a large pyracantha bush in the dog yard and we've seen her eating them quite often and didn't think much about it since she's been doing it for so long. Now, I understand from reading other people's comments, that it's a slow toxic buildup. She is going to the Vet!  

Janet wrote at 2010-03-18 17:02:13
My 17 week old puppy chewed on a Pyracantha branch with a thorn and has spent the last two days at the vet. She ran a fever, was lethargic, and her mouth is swollen and very painful. I found one website stating the possibility of poisoning by chewing on the bush.

cap wrote at 2010-10-06 04:04:56
Yes, they're toxic!  I'm watching my dog recover from pyracantha(us) berry poisoning as I type this.  I'm hoping it explains a gradual (over 3+months) change in behavior, loss of agility, perception and balance.  I was thinking she had a brain tumor.  The vomiting and balance problems she's had over the last few weeks have abated since I trimmed my neighbor's pyracantha bushes two days ago.  The bushes had grown through our deer fencing.  (I've taken her to the vet 3 times for the various issues.)  The difference in her condition since removing the available branches is not a coincidence.  I had seen her eat the berries a couple of years ago but I was able to trim the bushes promptly back then.  This year I hadn't noticed the growth as I had been too busy to spend time in the yard.  As I found written on another link, it's a slow poisoning.

LeAnn wrote at 2014-11-15 15:19:05
Apparently pyrocantha berries are delicious to dogs!  My 80 #  Boxador has been sneaking them after I had admonished her for it.  She probably ate a good handful of berries from the neighbors yard .  So far, no ill consequences, but I will keep a better reign on her!  I suspect this is a vomit inducer too, which young dogs who eat strange things, would instinctually eat to purge their bellies.


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