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Dogs/Hip Problem in American Bulldog pup - 6 wks


Cathy in Southern California wrote at 2012-11-24 19:30:42
Excellent article.  After my American Bulldog died at 8 1/2 years from hip and shoulder dysplacia I have learned a lot about this horrible disease.  We bought him at 3 years old and had no idea about these dogs but fell in love with his personality.  Unfortunately, this breed has become extremely popular in recent years and many people are breeding these dogs in their backyards; without regards to this breeds medical issues.  Our AB also had severe skin allergies and was on all types of medications just to keep him alive.  We were fortunate that he lived to 8 1/2 years but it was devastating and heartbreaking.  When he could no longer stand we had to put him down.  I believe this article was well written but also needs to emphasize the over exercising part more.  Many people want these dogs to look bulky and show muscle mass as well as enter them in pulling events which only adds to later problems for these amazing dogs.  I never knew that too much exercise would be determental and feel it is important to get the work out.  Thank you again for the information.  I am learning so much more, thanks to the internet and articles like this one.  I just wish I would have known this before we lost our beautiful boy, Dax who will be forever in our hearts.


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