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Dogs/My dog eats his own stool!


azabigail wrote at 2012-11-12 22:33:45
This is an FYI. I have been having the same problem and have been reading other sites for ideas. One writer said that she tried For-Bid, but it didn't work for her dog. Another one suggested adding pumpkin pie filling to the dog food to make the poop distasteful. (I haven't tried this yet)One suggested putting Tabasco sauce on the poop. So, I have decided to try putting the Tabasco sauce on all the poop I find (without him knowing it, in spite of his poop snacking, he's very smart) and hope that it will train Harley(my pooch) to think that ALL poop will be painful to eat. (I'll try to remember to post and share results.)Good luck with your poop snackers everyone.


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I have owned dogs my whole life. I was a veterinarian assistant for several different vets, so I might be able to help out on health issues. Although I love all dogs, my favorites are the toy breed. I am not a breeder, so those type of questions should be directed to someone who is. I have three chinese crested, two chihuahuas and one yorkie/silky mix. I would be happy to answer any questions on these particular breeds,or just dogs in general. Please keep in mind,however, that I am NOT a Veterinarian. If you feel your dog is seriously ill, then please take your pet to a qualified professional. Although we "experts" try to help you with your questions, it is impossible to "see" or "touch" your dog through a computer. If you feel your dog's life is in danger, please call a Veterinarian immediately. Thank you!


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