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Contact:  Greg and Holly Moore

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A Unique pet grooming tool that puts you in control of unwanted Fur!

Proudly designed and MADE IN THE USA

The “FurIzzy” is a unique pet grooming, massage and scratching tool.  It assists the owner in grooming and removal of unwanted fur.  It is fun and easy to use, and more importantly it will put you in control of unwanted pet hair.

Shedding is one of the most common problems faced by pet owners.  It causes health problems and cleanliness issues, and is generally one of the more unpleasant aspects of owning a pet.  However, with the FurIzzy, it is possible to control excessive shedding.  Using the FurIzzy on your pet once a day will greatly reduce the unwanted fur all over you, your clothes and your household….along with the benefit of shedding control, the FurIzzy as more to offer… is a pleasant experience for you and your pet.  The FurIzzy was developed to help owners take the work out of grooming their pets. The benefits will surprise you and your best friend.  Who doesn’t like to have their back scratched?


• Pets love the grooming/scratching action.

• Four grooming options on each rake.

• Gently scratches the undercoat up and out.

• Helps your pet bond with you.

• Makes grooming fun for you and all your pets          

• Will not damage the hair or skin.

• Makes grooming easier for people with disabilities.

• Safe for kids to use

• Proudly made in the USA.

FurIzzy was tested by an Independent Lab named Izzy.  The findings showed that people of all age groups, gender and disabilities benefitted from the different design elements the FurIzzy has to offer.

“It’s a great way of playing with your pet while taking the hassle out of grooming.”

The “Original” FurIzzy was invented in Bellevue, Washington by Greg and Holly Moore.  They are long time pet lovers and dog owners.  A Penchant for product management, design development and creative advertising led them to assemble a team to bring FurIzzy to the marketplace.



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