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Dogs/"wart" like bump on paw


George wrote at 2016-07-02 22:10:37
I rescued a dog; for several years he had a problem with the bottom of his left rear paw. After many visits with our vet at a cost for each visit - there were no signs healing. About three months ago, I was able to see a growth with a white cauliflower head - I know that it was a wart. I have tried every internet suggested treatment without success. Two week ago, I decided to try apple cider vinegar and table salt. It works, the wart is gone his paw is healed.

I pour apple cider vinegar into a container, enough so that it will completely cover his paw. Then I poured enough salt to create a half of an inch layer of salt on the bottom of the container. I soaked his paw for about 60 second twice daily. I inspect his paw to assure that there are no lumps of salt adhering to the bottom. When there is, I lightly brush it off with a towel. Dogs should not ingest large amount of salt. I give my dog 14 billion good bacteria pro-biotic daily. I learned that warts grow when the immunity is low.


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