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Dogs--Pomeranians/two better than one


landjay wrote at 2016-01-28 20:36:40
We have had Poms since 1961. We usually had 2, then a litter so 6, then a brother and sister. They fought. we got 2 about 10 years ago because our last one passed away at 18. 2 years ago we got 2 puppies to keep the older ones active, and they certainly have ! No one has ever spoken a cross word to another and they all play, even the 10 year old ones.

I would recommend 2dogs of the same sexton play and keep each other company, but it is entirely up to you.


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I got my first Pom in 1995. She was a gift and I was hooked. Once I got my first AKC Pom, I knew I wanted to do better. I joined my local Pom club and have held several offices as well as been show chair 2 years in a row. I strive to couple the best sire and dam to produce pups of extraordinary quality to show off in the ring.

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