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madison wrote at 2007-11-17 16:23:42

so your looking for a pompom. I dont have any idea were you can find on but I can tell you some things about them.yes your right there adorable and loyal, but yet most of them arent very cuddly.

my isent anyway but there protective.

i love my dog! hes such a good companian.


Sheila wrote at 2012-11-10 17:07:11
I have a female pomeranian puppy for sale and she comes with papers. I am asking $500 firm. Can be reached at 518-528-1314.


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I can answer questions regarding nutrition ( what to feed, etc.), grooming, pomeranian behavior, how a pom should look (breed standard), what you should know when looking to purchase a pom, how to tell a good breeder from bad, housebreaking tips, training tips, who should own a pom and who should not (Is this the right breed for you?), etc. I only know a little about medical conditions so this would probably not be an area that I could answer questions.


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I don't have any clients at this time but I have given advice to many pet owners including, my family, friends, and people I meet when I am out and about.

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