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Gail wrote at 2012-12-09 19:40:23
I have a Colueco Premie as well.  In the package.  Never opened.  How can I find a buyer?

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I can answer any questions on dolls such as cabbage patch dolls, baby tumbles surpise, happy meal girl, my baby all gone, magic nursey baby , baby roller skates ect and alot of the dolls from the 90s , I can't answer any questions about doll books , I won't answer questions on porcelain dolls such as the Seymour Mann Doll or on Barbie Dolls if your looking for vaule on porcelain dolls or Barbie dolls please look on ebay and see what other collectors are selling them for.


I used to play dolls and had some as a kid

I study dolls from the 90s and some from the 80s

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