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QUESTION: I have a African American girl who is also handicap, wearing leg braces born on 9 / 11.  Never been opened. Is she worth anything? Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Anne your cabbage patch doll is worth something  if she's in good condition then she can be worth  5,00-8,000

you can always look on Ebay to see how much other's are selling them for .

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QUESTION: The doll has never been opened. In perfect condition. I've looked on ebay, amazon and various other collection site's. I couldn't find one single doll similar to mine. What do I do now? ?

ANSWER:  Hi Anne     your doll is worth money  since she's in perfect condition &  the box never open I'm gonna say she's valuable & rare
as for worth it can go anywhere from 20$- 15,000$   you should hold on to her as one day she will be worth more than what she is now.

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QUESTION: I live in California. Can you point me in the right direction to get it appraised and possibly sold? ?

here's one place     Nice Twice Doll Shop

then these ones  you'll have to look them up to see if they deal with the dolls.  Sacramento California doll places.   these ones are Riverside County California   Los Angeles.

hope this helps  

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