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Doll Collecting/Associated Dollmakers. Inc-dolls-can you tell me anything about them


yolanda bello wrote at 2010-03-18 03:07:00
Dear Diana,

If you would like details on those dolls by Associated Dollmakers, ask me.

Yolanda Bello

Amy wrote at 2014-03-30 17:52:50
Hi.  I was researching regarding the Associated Dollmakers, Inc. dolls my dad had given me in the mid-eighties and came across your post.  My dad (Summner "Sonny" "Larry" Lawrence) was working for Ideal Toy Co. focusing on the clothing for dolls when his boss decided to strike out on his own and make inexpensive collectible dolls.  He recruited my dad who decided to take the risk.  Unfortunately, within a very short time, the company went out of business.  So, as I understand it, there are very few of each doll around.

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I can answer most questions regarding the age and identity of Madame Alexander dolls. Nude dolls missing their original outfits can occasionally be identified if the questioner can provide pictures to aid with identification. I can also identify Madame Alexander doll clothing by itself with detailed, accurate descriptions and/or pictures. Approximate values of dolls can be provided only if the questioner can provide accurate descriptions as to condition and completeness of the doll(s) or costume(s) they are asking about. If the doll being asked about is NOT a Madame Alexander doll, and I DO know what doll it is, I will provide that information, but I can not provide values. I will gladly guide that person to other sources to find the necessary information, however. I also have an excellent knowledge of vintage Liddle Kiddle dolls by Mattel, Inc. I can help with identification, completeness and age of the dolls and their accessories, but any values provided would be approximate, and based on current market popularity.


I have been collecting dolls, in general, for 14 years. For the past 12 years I have collected Madame Alexander dolls nearly exclusively. My personal library of collector books about Madame Alexander dolls contains nearly every book published about these dolls, including many difficult-to-find, out-of-print editions.

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