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Hello, how can I make or purchase my own silicone mold for a silicone baby doll such as the realistic doll referred to as the " REBORN DOLL", also is there any product that would form around a plastic doll to form the SHAPE of that doll that is not silicone, the " reborn" dolls are very soft and supple to the touch and I trying to replicate this feel ( please read my question carefully as I'm long winded) thank you so much, my wife loves this site

  I am so happy your wife loves the Allexperts site
working with silicone dolls is a specialized niche of doll making and even more specialized with in the reborn category  . you need to practice and learn to control air bubbles and texture .I have not tried silicone  so this is out side my area of expertise  
this page has loads of links to look through

I would ask on one of the doll making forums for recommendations for books and suppliers  as quality of casting silicones will vary
also look at sites that sell modeling and casting supplies to see the variety of silicones and what is the best casting medium to make the mold from ,


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I was A nurse before an injury caused me to change fields

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