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hi Susan  first of all sorry if  my question is in the wrong area   my question is can Troll dolls  go in the water ?     or is their hair glued on to their head  any help will help thanks.

yes the hair is glued on. So while the trolls can get wet it is best to keep the hair above water . if it is the hair that needs to be cleaned hold the troll upside down lather with a mild conditioning shampoo and try not to allow the water to soak heavily to the base of the hair . keep upside down while you blot dry until you have removed as much moisture as possible dry by standing in front of a fan to make sure it dries quickly and will not mold. It is very important to keep the base of the hair as dry as you can because many of the older trolls have hide wigs that can rot if left damp . The newer faux fur hair can mildew if left with moisture in the hole that the hair is glued into .

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I have done doll wig making ,mohair processing and doll hair dyeing full time for 14 years now my web site is at
I can help with questions on washing, dyeing and combing mohair .
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I was A nurse before an injury caused me to change fields

I was A nurse before an injury caused me to change fields

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