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Tami wrote at 2013-07-13 21:38:39
Response to Gwendolyn.  Hi Gwendolyn, I was trying to find someone who is an entrepreneur and skilled at doll making.  I canít afford the professionals.  I would like to have a doll made to look like my granddaughter.   I do realize your post is from 2004; I might get lucky and get a response from you.  

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Jill Nemirow-Nelson


Jill Nemirow-Nelson is a much beloved maker of dolls.Best known for her work in miniatures, Jill is also well versed at creating gorgeous larger dolls.Her fantasy work includes the now-famous "Lipstick Lady" (a tiny porcelain doll that spins from a real lipstick tube) and her larger multi-jointed porcelain fashion name just a few!Aside from creating her limited edition pieces, Jill has also designs dolls for the mass market.Jill wrote a much beloved how-to column for "DollMaking Magazine" for more tan 6 years.Jill`s dolls can often been seen in the pages of other national doll publications!Jill also provides a critiquing service for those who can send links to photos on the net or send snapshots of their work via the mail.


I've been making dolls all my life... been a professional dollmaker for about 10 years and have written magazine columns about creating dolls for nearly that long! I've taught beginning to advanced students the art of sculpting dolls for many years. I have an arts degree from Rutgers University and live, eat and breath my work!How can I be of assistance to you?

I graduated Rutgers University with a liberal arts degree...basically meaning that I can do anything from sculpt the human , put on a play, TV show or do brain surgery. I've won some awards for my work, and, in 1999 I was honored to be awarded a Proclaimation from the city in which I live for my work.

My doll work, and features about me and my doll sculpts can be found in most every major doll magazine.I've appeared on some TV shows local to the NY Metro area and appear regularly in all the local newspapers!People who live nearby can see me at local doll store appearances or at the shows I do throughout the year.Doll manufacturers, doll makers and collectors are welcome to visit my site and e-mail me about buying my work, contracting to create a doll or work on a sculpture-related project!

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