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Domestic Violence/two abusive relationships


Helligal wrote at 2013-02-26 03:24:51
I was married to an abuser for 29 years can't think how, just no money of my own and nowhere to go! I would run down the road in tears to my brother or cousin in floods only to be comforted and told that really he was not a bad chap he was kind they said!!! He flirted with my friends (he was attractive, He thought he was beautiful)! He left photos in the desk drawers etc: of his exes in bikinis. told me I couldn't sing, took over the cooking because I cooked 'healthy' food not fat laden muck. He never gave me any housekeeping money at all! He would often tell me I was wrong often! he started taking things , I would comb the place looking, then a few days later i'd find it, he slapped me,then he started punching me, I got out by telling the Doc I felt suicidal and wanted counselling then I met a woman in charge of dom/violence and in no time at all I was given a Bungalow it is so peaceful and warm...I'm Happy watch out for 'The light Bulb@ effect. quite suddenly you know whats happening and no, there is nothing wrong with you at all.

Domestic Violence

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