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Domestic Violence/Can a marriage recover after abuse?


From one God Woman to another wrote at 2010-11-05 00:38:27
It's easy to past "assumption" when you have never been in the situation. I am a trained professional in the field. However, I am now after ten years of marriage a victim. I feel the same way as the victim above. We are of course with dismay for the situation but true love does not vaingish from one incident. As bad as I want to believe all of the hype I have been taught and have taught about my mate being a monster, a bad man I know that it is not true. Need some proper coping skills no doubt. Need to respect my space and opinion certainly. But a monster not at all. So to answer your question from a professional and a women who is going through it right now; you and you mate can do anything you agree to do. If recovery is what you truly want then do the work and recover. Deal with what got you to this point and build. A marriage is between a man and a woman and only you two can decide what it will be! There are all sorts of entities to help you end your marriage not enough to help us say together. Strong families build strong communities, build strong nations! No progress w/o struggles! I am in no way condoning the behavior but with the right help and truth our families can be restored to their true natures PEACE!

Peace and blessing to you I wish you and your family much success

wantage71 wrote at 2013-09-16 08:46:19
It's refreshing to find some positive thoughts online for a change and give hope to those who believe things can work time

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