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Domestic Violence/Why is she back tracking?


My wife and I have been separated since our domestic dispute over a month ago. I was arrested and she had move out and into a women shelter temporarily. When i did get out i try to reach out to her to mind things only to be serve with a protective order. In the copy of the affidavit she claims she call the police and while she was on the stand in court she seem very shaky since the very beginning. She went on to say that the leasing office people call the cops on that day

Why would she not admit in calling the cops like she said she did in the affidavit?

She also told the D.A and the court that I had warn her before hand before I hit her to stop nagging me. Also which wasn't in the affidavit. strange.

Also in the affidavit she say suffered a black eye and a bloody nose in another incident between us.Then on the stand she said she did suffered a black eye due to the bloody nose but only she could have notice it looking in the mirror

She clearly doesnt want anything to do with me but what i dont understand is. Why did she go backwards on the stands?"

Dear, Shawn

It is probably best that you both don't get back together. But I think the reason why she backs tracked is because she doesn't want to see you go to prison. Most women do that, they don't want to live a life of being abused but they don't want to see their abuser go to jail for a long period.
That is how I felt too. I did not want to be with him at all, cause I did not want a a life of abuse. First off it hurts being hit like that and it is also scarey to get hit like that. So my best answer is she didn't want to see you go to prison, but she wants to move on and if that is the case, let her go, it's not fair to hit people and expect them to love and want to be with you. That is not how relationships work. I have been married 17 years and no matter how mad I make my husband, he doesn't hit me. The first time he does, I will leave. I probably would not throw him in jail either but our marriage would be over. I always encourage both men and women to leave an abusive person, there are to many people out there who know how to control their temper, find one of them.
I don't want to seem mean to you either but a man is always stronger than a woman and there is no justifiable excuse to hit one. It doesn't matter if they push your buttons, or don't listen, who gave you that authority? You may end up alone and it would be your own fault, no one wants to live a life like that, so I hope that you will take my words to heart and not put your hands on women, because you may just hit the wrong one, one day and she may hurt you badly in defense or retaliation.
So don't make a mountain out of a mole hill and just praise God you got a break and don't have to go away to prison. Just determine within yourself that if you have to hit a person that they are not the right one for you and move on.

Take care, Sharman

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