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Hello, my husband threaten to use the hx of my depression and anxiety against me because I found some clues that he is cheating on me. He  cornered me this morning and told me "I have fantasies of smashing your head in and I am going to jail and going to be put into a mental institution." He also has called the police on me after starting a fight and keeping me from leaving the house when i was upset about him leaving the house. The police said if they had to come out again then child protective services would have to come out too. This is what is keeping me very reluctant from calling them. I am a registered nurse, a mandated reporter and I can't get myself to do what I've told other women to do for years. Please advise. Thank you


    Believe me, I know what you mean, I give advice to others and then neglect myself. But you can do it, you just have to make up your mind, your thing is you have a job and a means to support yourself. Other women do not have that luxury, they are totally dependent on their husbands. Even then though, they leave. You won't have to go to a homeless shelter.
Your husband emotionally abuses you because he knows he can. You should not be afraid of him calling the police on you, unless you act erratic in front of them. I have prayed for you, if it is this bad, all you have to do is stay calm and safe and go. I know it's easier said then do e but I have done it twice, and I had to start over with nothing. Things are replaceable but joy and peace are not. I think for you, it is a matter of stepping out and I believe you can, for both you and your children's sake.  Sharman.   Let me know what you decide.  

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I can answer questions on mental abuse and physical abuse. I can answer questions on sexual abuse for adult women. I can not answer questions on sexual abuse for children because I have never experienced that personally.


I was in an abusive situation twice. Once for 1-year and 6 months. The other for 2-years and 3 months. I know the cycle of being abused by the abuser and then believeing he will change. Forgiving him or her and then starting over again, with the same abuse.

Life experience, sometimes it takes talking to someone who has been there.

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