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How many people died each year in the U.S. as a result of domestic violence?

Hello Ronnie, estimates vary but it is a $4.0 Billion dollar a year industry in the USA alone.

Here is a link for more data, where they estimate about 4,000 women die, but these would only be the ones officially categorized as from this kind of abuse. The actual number is far larger, IMO, based on the inadequacy of the determining factors and how our laws are written and processed by police,  lawyers and the courts.

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Sonya Snyder


I can answer many questions about all kinds of Domestic Violence abusive relationship situations from the Abuse Wheel - financial, physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, and more. Most legal institutions only work with Physical Abuse, while the other kinds often cause as much or more long term damage. I can address ways to cope, ways to survive, ways to heal, and ways to conquer your own feelings concerning this most devastating of situations. I am a survivor of more than 19 years of domestic abuse and protected my children through it as well. I can only think I went through all I did to help others by providing the insight and help that wasn't there for me.


A survivor of Domestic Battery and abuse, I now wish to give back what I have learned to help others survive and thrive.

I am a former news journalist and marketing maven, and have nearly completed my MA in Forensic Psychology with plans to complete my Clinical PhD. Life long study of human motivations, and the "why" in the way someone acts, I have studied people for more than 30 years.

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