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Me n my family face same problem from my aunty ( chachi ) they have daily create new seen my famliy ignouring before 7 years but still not good result they fight with us they always said m suit fight against your i have two brother n three sister all are student how much am i n my family face this problem all member are very disturbing n my paresan not educative we r very simple never going polic station in hol life but when she came home life is full of spoil becouse they case to his family is hitting injure they told m all sisters n mom hitting..she bleaming me m a prostitute my brother attemp to rap but its not true atually this problem we r face she called his brother they r married they said that we r doing wrong with you .you never face people etc plz help i having some voice recording she used abouse all time

Hello Sangeeta,

I am sorry we are having a problem communicating. I am not understanding what you are saying.

It sounds like you are asking what you can do about domestic violence. Unfortunately I am not able to advise you if you are living in India as I do not know the laws or customs there.

Laura Giles

Domestic Violence

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I worked as a domestic violence advocate in the court system. I am also a counselor.

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