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My girlfriend has been abused for a large part of her life. Her mother, father, and older brother all constantly scream at her for absolutely nothing. They all have hit her before, and they still threaten to do so. I've contacted cps twice noe and they haven't done a thing but give empty threats of court. The reason I say this is because all they did was talk to her and her parents. They told her parents that if they don't take her to therapy and participate in family counseling that they will be taken to court. But that was roughly four months ago. I dont know who else to turn to. Please help me

Hi Ian,

Thank you for your question and concern. Calling CPS is the right thing to do and keep calling them every time you see abuse. Do any other people see the abuse? If so, have them call CPS as well. The more people that call, the more evidence CPS has to take to the courtroom. Your girlfriend can call CPS too. But make sure you only call when you see abuse otherwise CPS won't take you seriously.

Your girlfriend can also go to her school counselor for help. School counselors are trained to help in situations as such. The main thing that your girlfriend needs to understand is that it is NOT her fault that she is being abused and that it is NOT ok to be abused. If she has been abused for a long time, she may not know that she is being abused and what being treated respectfully feels like. She also may fear for her safety if she reports to CPS so planning carefully is also necessary.

Keep encouraging her to contact her school counselor for help. The more people involved, the better chance for CPS to get a court order to protect your girlfriend. Have her write down in a journal EVERY time she is yelled at or hit. This journal will help show the extend of the abuse.

Please keep asking questions and thank you for having the courage to stand up and report abuse and please let me know how things go!

Much peace to you,

Cathy Backlund, Life Coach, Specializing in Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence Education

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