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i'm 16 years old. i live in pakistan
today i experienced something reallly bad
my father beated my sister for no such cause. he kicked her n twisted her arm, which resulted in her crying alottt. she is 15 years
1. tell me what can i do like legally against him. kinldy tell me Pakistani law, which is against child abuse
2. how should i react ? i mean my mother is also angry n dissapointed at him.
thank you

ANSWER: Hello Zain:

I appreciate your question and I thank you for contacting me in regard to your concearns. I reside in America and I am not familiar with all the laws in Pakistan regarding child abuse cases. However I do know Child Abuse here in America and Abroad is against the law and parents who abuse their children can be convicted and prosecuted if substantial evidence is found.

I did some research and I located an organization that is located in Pakistan. This organization specializes in protecting women and children from any type of abuse the name of the organization is: ROZAN and you can visit their support web site at:
ROZAN also offers support services via telephone or email. The additional contact information is listed below.  
Telephone counseling is available six days a week (Monday to Saturday) from 10:00am 6:00pm For Telephonic Counseling our Toll free number: 0800-22444
In person Counseling: 051-2890505-7
E-mail Counseling:
You can also access there support counseling web page at:

I am so sorry for what you, your mom and sister have gone through. I urge you or your mom to contact the ROZAN Organization at your convenience. Their support counselors will be able to further assist you and your famly.

I hope I have been of help to you and I wish you and your family the very best Zain.

Susan B. Blocker
Climbing Out Of The Spiral

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you for your time and answer, but what i would like to tell u, that this unfortuenlty is common in pakistan. further, my mother and i cannot do Anything. as you knw the not-so liberal thinking. she has to carry the family. and keep it together...
still thank you :)

Hello Zain:

I am so sorry for you and your family and I truly wish there was more I could do to help you. Yes I do understand how situations are in your country with regard to what women can and cannot do and yes I am aware of the abuse against children and women in your country. It is unfair and unjust especially when it comes to child abuse and domestic violence.

Women such as your mom often times are forced to carry the burden and  bare the brunt of whatever happens within the household. Under extreme pressures they must remain strong for themselves and their children ultimately the stress and strain may affect the entire family.

I do take comfort in knowing that the mind set of people in your country is slowly evolving Zain and help is available for abused women and children. Again I do respect your cultural boundairies when it comes to reaching out for help, but always remember Zain when and if you or your mom are able to reach out for help,  help is available to your family.

I wish there was more I could do to be of help to you and your family Zain but the reality is we are two worlds apart. All I can do is continue to offer you and or your mom my support via online service.

If you need to talk again, please feel free to contact me at your convenience Zain, I am here.

Susan B. Blocker
Climbing Out Of The Spiral  

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