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breanna wrote at 2016-05-25 17:57:09
I am a survivor of 30 years.  Men who control and abuse feel very little compassion for anyone and everything that goes wrong is someone else's fault usually it's the wife or girlfriend. I tell all women who are asking for guidance even if they think they are alone and have no one to help, there is help, it will not be easy and never go back. I went back 5 times always being told it will never happen again, was bought gifts so he could feel good about himself not caring what harm, everlasting harm he caused to my children and myself. I was in 'his' state where he was from, 1800 miles away, that was my first mistake.  My last mistake, he was going to kill me. Women die all the time from men who have a need to control and when they feel out of control they strike out. Don't ever go back, change your name if you want, live the best life you can live without the fear. Go to bed in peace at night and wake up without the fear of not knowing what he will be like that day. It is no way to live. Hope you and your will be safe.  

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Cathy Backlund, Life Coach in Abuse & Domestic Violence


Are you feeling confused, angry, scared or hurt? Are you being yelled at, hit, threaten or told what to do? Do you worry or fear the safety of yourself, your family or pets? These are all signs of an abusive relationship, and I can help you determine if you are in an unhealthy or dangerous situation. No one deserves to live a life filled with fear, pain and abuse, and I am here to help you find ways for a better life--everyone deserves to live a life without fear and abuse. Your questions will be answered with honesty and respect. Please ask questions today to help you find better ways to live a more loving and happier life for you and your family. Let me help you!


I am a Certified Life Coach Specializing in Abuse and Domestic Violence.

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