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Question about a year, i plan to retire after 30 yrs in the medical field. so, i am looking into the subject of perhaps opening and running a shelter for battered woman. i know almost nothing about the business end of it; and the same can be said for letting the public know about it. right now, i am trying to look into just how to start and what to do. do you have any suggestions about any of this? of course, i would plan to fund it from donations and just hope the donations would be enough to run it. so..any suggestions on what to do first? thank you!

Hi James,

Thank you for your question. I would look for an opportunity to volunteer at a local shelter to get an idea of what you feel is needed or if you even like this kind of work. One of the problems is most battered women have issues with talking to or trusting men.

Something of importance I want to share with you is the men who are abused, straight or gay.  They have no place to go and they feel more shame than women because it isn't manly to be hit by a woman or being a man they should just beat up another guy who is abusing them. It is an unexplored issue that needs to be addressed. The last time I checked statistics, which was quite a few years ago, there were 187,000 men abused every year. I don't know if this is something you would want to look into but I thought I needed to throw it out there.

Most shelters are federally and state funded along with donations from other sources but once you take the funding, you are faced with a nightmare of seriously stupid rules.  It is awful and mundane.

You could talk with shelter directors but it is such a cut throat agency they are afraid to help anyone who might someday be a threat to their job. Isn't that sad? Frankly, I became very disillusioned and hurt from what I witnessed. But, you live in the south so maybe you can try to speak with directors or even volunteer to be on their board or advisory council to get your foot in the door because I have found southerners to be very friendly.

I hope I have helped you in some way. If you have further questions don't hesitate to ask.  God bless you for your loving heart!

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