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In 2014 I was physically assulted by someone close to me. They had been taking a certain perscription drug that they claimed made them act out. They stopped taking it afterwards and have said they are sorry but here are a few issues.

Number one: I cant get through one day without thinking about what they said/ did. They tell me that i should forget and move on because it was the meds and not them.
Number two: they want me to take ptsd medication because I to them never seem happy. It might be wrong but they are the ones that did the violence but my unhapiness hurts them? I should take meds for what they did? Doesnt seem fair.

What to do? Also, the aniversary of the incident is around the corner. How do I handle it? How can i not let on that I am not happy to avoid upseting them?


It sounds like you do have PTSD. Whether or not you want to take medication for it is up to you. There are treatments available that do not require medication. If you decide to get treatment, it will be to help you, not to let someone else off the hook or make someone else's life easier.

If this incidence caused PTSD, you can't just move on. You need treatment. The only way to put it behind you is with treatment.

If you are dreading the anniversary and trying to cope ahead, that's another sign of PTSD. This isn't in the past for you. It's still happening right now. Please seek therapy. You really need to be focusing on you not on what someone else thinks about your reaction to the trauma.


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