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I've come to the realization that in a family either or both parents tends to love one particular child more than the other(s). question here is 'is it not partiality or inequality  for a parent or both parents to love one particular child more than the other(s), are the children all not from the same umbilical cord?'.
Again does this have any psychological effect on their children..if yes, please what are these psychological effects and in what positive ways can these be resolved internally without causing more harm.
...your quick response will be highly appreciated. thanks.

Hi Raphael,

Yes, it does cause harm. Great harm. The person who isn't loved the same as the others feels like they never fit in or a part of the family. This usually causes them to try harder to get approval of their parents and other people as well. They might also seek others outside the family for love and usually pick the wrong kind of people who treat them just like their unloving family. It's devastating to the one who doesn't feel loved the same.

Honestly, outside of counseling or the offenders seeing the harm they are doing, the only that can happen is if the one who is being neglected, grows up and leaves and finds their own life. It is extremely painful but most often, the only way to resolve the inner conflict and feelings of neglect.

I hope this helps. If not, please feel free to contact me again. I wish you the very best with this.


Dianne Schwartz

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